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Commercial Insurance

At Sebanda Insurance Agency we will personally guide you through the steps of determining which aspects of a Florida business insurance policy you require. From the complexities of workers compensation to professional liability coverages, Sebanda Insurance can pinpoint your exact Florida business insurance needs. We have streamlined the process of selecting a customized Florida business insurance plan which will result in time and money saved for you!


General Liability insurance is one of the most all-encompassing policies on the market today. It provides coverage for liability issues resulting from personal and advertising injury, including medical expenses.


A Surety Bond is a basic term that describes a bond. Surety bonds are underwritten differently than insurance even though they are sometimes mistaken for insurance, when in fact a surety bonds are different.


Your employees represent your business, taking care of internal and external work that is necessary to the livelihood of the company. It goes without saying that your employees are important to you, but do you have the proper Florida workers compensation policy to protect them?


Whether your organization is located in Miami, Tampa, Naples or Cape Coral, business insurance is avaliable through Sebanda Insurance agency. Fill out the form below to learn about your options.