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Homeowners Insurance

No two homes are the same! There are many different types of homes, and our homeowners specialist will discuss with you what options fit your individual needs.

Your home is your refuge. It is a place you can relax after work, and a place to visit with friends. It can serve as party central the day of the big game, and it is a place where your family can play and grow together. That is why covering your property with the right insurance is an important for every homeowner to have.


Your home is your greatest financial asset, and Sebanda Insurance wants to help you protect it. Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance designed to protect an individual's home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.


Looking for affordable rates to protect your mobile home? Get great rates, great protection and outstanding customer service from our knowledgeable agents. They’ll help you tailor a policy that protects and replaces your personal belongings and your mobile home in case of disaster—all at a price you can afford.


Although it may not seem as necessary as homeowners insurance, flood insurance is important if you want to keep your home safe and your possessions secure. Flood coverage offers protection against losses that result from heavy and lengthy rain falls, storm surges, blocked storm drainage systems, etc.


If you are interested in Florida home insurance, or would like help determining your home insurance needs, fill out this form to get your free quote!